started in 1992 as I was walking with my daughter to the post office. She had just started taking clarinet lessons in grade school so that she could join the band. We were discussing the fact that there were no fun t-shirts for marching band members and this got me to thinking... was born.

Through the years many designs have been added and few have been retired. We are proud to say that in almost a decade we have sold literally thousands of shirts and gifts and have only ever received one complaint. That complaint came from a woman who wanted to return a shirt her son had had for three months and had worn numerous times... and finally decided he did not like the design. Go figure!

All of our staff have been proud band nerds and, even though we no longer march, consider ourselves to still be band nerds. I, myself, was the high school band president and went on to play in my college band my freshman year. I can honestly say that those were some of the most fun, if not bizarre, years of my life.

The actual printing, billing and shipping of merchandise is handled extremely well by CafePress. We thank them for their service.

We hope that you will find our offerings to your liking and that you will get a chuckle from them... and, of course, that you will decide you must own and wear a few proudly!

Mike Wiseman webmaster

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